Here we are in Boston… We may be in Boston some time…

After a jolly start with a super quick flight in an amazing futuristic Dreamliner plane (with Star Trek  window tinting) to Boston, and a lovely hotel for the night here, things took a turn for the less jolly this morning.

Ooooooh, swish

Last night there was a huge storm in Atlanta and so this morning all the flights there, including ours, were cancelled, so at 8am we joined a billion other, admirably patient and cheerful, but nonetheless long suffering people trying to get another flight.

So far, after some epic queuing, we have a possible route via Ohio tomorrow evening, which may get us to Atlanta too late for the shuttle.  And so we’re camped out on standby in case 30 seats become available, in which case we’re totally next!   It could be worse, we met one poor chap clutching a guitar case and a wad of boarding passes, who’d sequentially flown to 4 airports since yesterday in a desperate bid to get to Georgia.

On the plus side, it looks like our backpacks will be on this flight, even if we’re not. And I have both Bournville chocolate from England and Lays potato chips from the US, so the transatlantic snacking situation is top class.

Here’s to the adventure, and our slow but cheerful start…