The Celts held liminal times and places to be special, marking boundaries between the spiritual and the apparent world, places where magic happens more readily. ‘Liminal’ comes from the Latin limen, meaning threshold,  it is the space between…

Dusk, between night and day; the crossroads between paths; the Equinoxes, as the wheel of the year turns; bridges; these places hold potential and power, their betwixt quality allowing us to move from one place or state to another, helping to free us from old habits and rigid paths.

Hecate, Elen of the Ways, and the Roman Trivia are all deities associated with crossroads in ancient recognition of the importance of these liminal places, fairy tales are told around bridges and stepping stones, people still stay up to greet the Solstice dawn. The power of the threshold spaces has endured over centuries.



Right now, as I spend my last few days at work, as we pack up to move out of our flat with no new house to go to, as we organise last minute zip lock bags and lip balm, insurance and moving vans, as I try to take to charity shops as many of my accumulated belongings as possible, it feels that my whole life is currently one big liminal space.  One life is ending, and another is about to start.  The feeling is one of incredible excitement and endless possibility.

In addition, my invitation from the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, to move from the Bardic Grade up to the Ovate grade arrived this month.  It feels entirely fitting that our entire Appalachian journey, our soul journey through the woods and mountains, will occur in the liminal space between finishing the Bardic year and starting the Ovate work upon our return.  Space to absorb and assimilate what has been learned and prepare to move deeper, hopefully in greater self knowledge.

Last night we celebrated the balance of the Spring Equinox at home, the time of equilibrium, another threshold space which represents the time to leave behind what no longer serves us and move forward into manifesting all the potential of the year ahead.  A beloved friend wrote a beautiful ritual celebrating the spirit of the bee and how she shows us how we can move past our perceived limitations.   We planted bee-friendly flower seeds and called upon the bee energies of persistence, abundance and protectiveness, knowing we will need them in the challenges ahead.

We stand at a crossroads in so many ways at the moment, I guess this is the year that I find out what exactly I’m capable of manifesting, and though I can’t wait to get started, I’m savouring this magical threshold space that’s pregnant with possibility – that’s in between.