I think a little of the nomad is in my blood.  Growing up I wanted nothing more than to run away with a travelling circus, or to discover unexpected Romany ancestry.  An avid fantasy fiction reader, I found every journey taken by an intrepid protagonist impossibly alluring.  On balance, it’s even better to be able to take the journey without the forces of darkness pursuing you, so overall a win for the real world, I think.

My beautiful daughter is grown now, and finally there comes a point in my life where nothing exists to prevent the planning of an epic journey.  A short 3 day hike along the Cotswolds Way last year merely served to whet the appetite, for there’s something special about not having to turn back, but to wake each morning to travel onward.  And the whole journey promises to also constitute something of a spiritual quest, for as a Druid-in-training, the lure of the forest is strong.

This year then, is all about saving money, gathering the best gear we can, squeezing in as many hikes as possible and hitting the gym like maniacs.   And recording everything here, for one day I’ll look back and want to remember all the little details…