Pup On The Trail

An Appalachian adventure in the making

An Appalachian adventure in the making…

Follow the progress of two adventuring Druids, as we thru-hike the 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 2017…

So this is it.  We’ve given notice on our jobs, declined the renewal of a lease on our flat, and it’s only a few short weeks until we hit the trail in April.  The past year has been a blur of planning, hitting the gym as hard as possible, trying to save money, trying out gear and learning some valuable lessons on day hikes and shorter trips.

I’ve always had something of the nomad in my blood, and the wanderlust has gripped me my whole life.  Yet at 40, I’m older than most to start travelling.  Finally, though, the time seems right, my beautiful daughter is all grown up, my job is one I can pick up again after a break and I have a wonderful, adventurous partner to share it all with.

This blog is for friends who want to keep up with our progress, as we won’t have smart phones or social media access with us, and for anyone else interested in how we get on with our big adventure.  All follows and comments very much appreciated!

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